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Matriux is an open source project dedicated to all the security and hacking enthusiasts. We need your support to promote the Spirit of Matriux. You can support and promote us by linking to us, forwarding our posters, purchasing our mugs, caps, tshirts and more... And this is the Tooltip's text.

For every good things to be done in this world requires support and reach our ambition to play a major role in the world of penetration testing and forensics.
Your help of any kind is appreciated from promoting, donating to using Matriux!

And... To reach you better and be proud available always.

Q. Why donate to Matriux?
A) Matriux is a free non-profit project which does not generate any income through commercializations like ads, sponsors. Currently funds are managed by its members. However your support is expected in the long and successful run of the project.

  • Funds would be used on the project itself to meet the hosting, promotion and development of the project.
Q. Is there any limit to donation?
A) Absolutely no, any help is appreciated!

Q. I really want to help this project. Is there an alternative?
A) Yes, as already stated you can be of help to the Matriux project by promoting us on your sites, among your friends community (and if you are a techie you can promote us over the development of the project).

For whoever has donated, we can list their name and amount they have donated at the bottom of the page.
For donations larger than 20$ we can have them choose if they would like to promote their site or company on that page.

Thanks to our generous donators...
Graysun Consulting [ 500$ ]
Toronto Condos [ 25$ ]
Vancouver MLS Listings [ 25$ ]
Toronto Luxury Homes [ 25$ ]
Calgary Real Estate Investment [ 25$ ]
Toronto Real Estate [ 25$ ]
Toronto Houses For Sale [ 25$ ]
Maximiliano Soler [ 20$ ]